In partnership with the United Nations, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. has developed a curriculum to be implemented by local chapters to their ASCEND scholars. This curriculum introduces scholars to the power of working together with other worlds leaders to prevent discord amongst nations and to promote human rights for all.

On Saturday, February 11, members of Mu Epsilon Omega chapters held a Model United Nations workshop for ASCEND scholars. The theme of the workshop was Science and Gender where scholars learned the current and historical policies that have made access to science education and professional careers for women impossible or extremely inequitable. The current political, religious and cultural norms of countries that prevent women from reaching levels of success and achievement as their male counterparts were studied.

Scholars also learned how women all over the world are prohibited from entering the STEM fields and how even in the United States, women suffer from wage disparities in comparison to men and have limited access to leadership roles in Science and Technology fields. The scholars were able to reflect upon Mu Epsilon Omega chapter’s group screening of the movie Hidden Figures and realize their own country fails women in many respects.

In addition, the scholars examined the flaws of each country’s system that perpetuate the continual stratification between men and women as well as the denial of access to education and employment that can alleviate this disparity. The scholars intelligently created resolutions to these problems and concluded with a presentation to the Model United Nations Panel.

To close the session, each scholar created and presented a vision board. The young ladies creatively arranged pictures to tell their own personal story about their talents, dreams, goals and inspiration.